2013 ISDC Summer Internship

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Time is of the essence. Dare to put your career on fast forward and apply for the 2013 ISDC Cluj-Napoca Summer Internship (July 1 – August 23).

Our internship projects provide challenging career opportunities in the following technological areas: .NET, Java, BI and Testing.

There are 15 intern positions available in following technologies:

  • .Net
  • Java
  • Business Intelligence (BI)
  • Testing

You will gain professional experience by participating in a real software solution development lifecycle: clients, daily stand-ups, SCRUM, CMMI, sprints, poker planning and fun! More than that, it’s a paid internship.

In order to attend the internship, follow the next steps:

  • Apply until April 19
  • Pass the tests according to desired technology (.Net /Java/BI/Testing)
  • Participate in the Assessment Center (selection procedure through group exercises)
  • Impress our interviewers
  • Attend the internship between July 1 – August 23 (240h)

Generally, people join ISDC, stay and often return in [ good_company ] because of the meaningful career experience it offers: complex projects from start to end developed together with smart & funny friends.

On our Careers section you’ll have a chance to explore all our career opportunities and find out more about ISDC.

During the internship you’ll get to experience this and we’ll get to know you better as well. If all goes well, we hope to have 15 new colleagues by the end of the internship!

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