Endava Graduates programme: Java, .NET, Manual and Automated Testing

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Endava Graduates programme: Java, .NET, Manual and Automated Testing

Start date: Nov. 19th 2014

Apply by: Oct. 31st 2014 on Endava.com  Cluj Career Section 

Graduates Programme Opportunities


Programme Description:

Current or future Graduates with IT degrees and backgrounds are hired as permanent employees and placed on a 1 year programme, called the Endava Graduates Programme. The Graduate Programme consists of multiple assignments and two months of intensive IT and soft skills training.  The work assignments and training are designed to provide hands-on IT experience with Endava’s diverse international clients.  Upon completion of the one year programme you will continue to build domain expertise and develop leadership skills being assigned to our exciting and challenging projects.


Mandatory skills:

Enthusiasm and passion for learning and technology

General IT knowledge & background and awareness of software development  life cycle (for Testing Programme)

Minimum Experience with software development projects (OOP languages)

Experience with at least one programming language: Java, .NET/C#, C/C++, Java, PHP, Objective C

Good command of English language


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