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We would like to inform you about Endava’s new Schools and Internship programmes and invite you to join them:

Endava Programmes complete list:


1.      School for Development, Testing & Applications Management Programmes

Start date: May 5th 2016

Apply by: April 1st 2016 on Endava.com, Cluj Career Section or by accessing the links below

Part Time Job:  2 months, 6 hours/day 

·        Java  –  Share or Apply Here

·        .NET –  Share or Apply Here 

·        Android –  Share or Apply Here

·        iOS – Share or Apply Here

·        Manual Testing –  Share or Apply Here

·        Applications Management Engineers – Share or Apply Here

·        Applications Management DevOps – Share or Apply Here

·        Applications Management Testing –  Share or Apply Here


Programme Description:

Current or future IT graduates with technical backgrounds are hired for 2 months of intensive technical and soft skills trainings. The work assignments and training are designed to provide hands-on IT experience with Endava’s diverse international clients.

The suitable participants will later on be offered a full time position within Endava.


Mandatory skills:

·        Enthusiasm and passion for learning and technology

·        General IT knowledge & background and awareness of software development  life cycle (for Testing Programme)

·        Minimum Experience with software development projects (OOP languages)

·        Experience with at least one programming language or technology: Java, .NET/C#, C/C++, PHP, Objective C, Android, iOS, HTML, CSS, SQL, operating systems, networking

·        Excellent command of English language


2.      Internship Programme for Development, Testing, Applications Management

Start date: July 5th  2016

Apply by: June 1st  2016 on Endava.com Cluj Career Section

Part time job: 6 weeks, 6 hours/day


·        Java Share or Apply Here

·        .NET –    Share or Apply Here

·        UI/UX –  Share or Apply Here

·        Manual Testing –  Share or Apply Here

·        Applications Management Engineers –  Share or Apply Here

·        Applications Management DevOpsShare or Apply Here

·        Applications Management TestingShare or Apply Here


Programme Description: 

Training opportunity with scholarship for current students and recent graduates. The Internship is designed to give you an insight into your future career as a software professional.  Interns are coached by experienced trainers and buddies. The Endava Internship Programme provides hands-on understanding of Endava’s projects, technologies and our international company culture.


3.      HR Internship programmes:

·        HR  Admin Internship  – Share or Apply Here

·        People Development and Recruitment InternshipShare or Apply Here


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